Teasing/ It also exercised the “collaborative spirit”, for it is one team player at a time. Being solo most of the time, it’s good to be reminded to synchronise more with a partner or team. It’s training after all, you can only get better and adjust.
Teasing/The more I grow and learn from ups and down in my graphic chronicles, the more I acknowledge how important it is for me to understand “states of creativity” and get around them often to know and grow in my creative potential.
Teasing/Mr Procrastination: a needed talk with him, when he bumps up into your mind. First the talk should be direct and firm. No “dear” or worse “friend”, the speech to this acquaintance should be of the most polite, firm but dire vivid...
TeasingThe ever-evolving moment you chose your schedule and who you work for is the starting point of your journey of abundance in work, career, calling… and more. In the midst of my graphic chronicles, here are some clues I have acknowledged, learned and infused into my daily routine.
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